Mechanical seal overhaul

Read about our working method and benefit from the advantages of mechanical seal overhaul.

Our method

Our specialists are happy to overhaul your seals in our well-equipped workshop. The following steps are taken when overhauling the mechanical seals:

01. Inspection

Inspection and recording of all materials including photographing the seals received by us.

02. Cleaning and Inspection Parts

Second inspection of all seal parts, which also determines whether there is abnormal wear, for example due to dry running, chemical attack or bearing damage.

03. Offer and execution

You will receive a non-binding offer based on the inspections carried out. By agreement, the seal faces are ground to ensure they are parallel and all O-ring faces are polished. All elastomers and springs are also replaced. The mechanical seal is then carefully mounted and tested if possible.

04. Delivery

Finally, the seal is packed and we provide it with a sticker with our article number and your warehouse number.


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Advantages of mechanical seal overhaul

Since mechanical seals are subject to wear, they will sooner or later have to be overhauled, which brings several advantages.

Price advantage

The price advantage of mechanical seal overhaul can go up to 70%.

Circular approach

Revision prevents you from having to buy new seals, which is less harmful to the environment.

Improved performance

By analyzing the damage pattern, we can advise you in order to improve tool life.

Transparent cost overview

You will receive a clear quotation before the revision is carried out.

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